Accurate band mapping via photoemission from thin films

Physical Review B 69, 115422 - 4 (2004)

Accurate band mapping via photoemission from thin films

A. Mugarza, A. Marini, T. Strasser, W. Schattke, A. Rubio, F. J. García de Abajo, J. Lobo, E. G. Michel, J. Kuntze, J. E. Ortega

Electron bands in solids can be accurately determined in angle-resolved photoemission experiments from thin films, where the perpendicular wave vector ($k_{\perp}$) uncertainty that characterizes photoemission from bulk crystals is removed. However, the appropriate comparison with state-of-the-art electronic structure calculations has never been done. In this work we have mapped both initial-state (occupied) and final-state (empty) $E(k_{\perp})$ bands along the $\Lambda$ axis of aluminum, from photon-energy- and thickness-dependent quantum well spectra of aluminum films. For final states the best fit is obtained with inverse LEED band structure calculations. For initial state bands of Cu and Al, thin film data display excellent agreement with bulk quasiparticle theory, suggesting the use of thin films as model systems to investigate fine contributions to crystal band structure.

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