Anomalous current in diffusive ferromagnetic Josephson junctions

Physical Review B 95, 184508 (2017)

Anomalous current in diffusive ferromagnetic Josephson junctions

Silaev, M. A., Tokatly, I. V., Bergeret, F. S.

We demonstrate that in diffusive superconductor/ferromagnet/superconductor (S/F/S) junctions a finite, anomalous Josephson current can flow even at zero phase difference between the S electrodes. The conditions for the observation of this effect are noncoplanar magnetization distribution and a broken magnetization inversion symmetry of the superconducting current. The latter symmetry is intrinsic for the widely used quasiclassical approximation and prevented previous works based on this approximation from obtaining the Josephson anomalous current. We show that this symmetry can be removed by introducing spin-dependent boundary conditions for the quasiclassical equations at the superconducting/ferromagnet interfaces in diffusive systems. Using this recipe, we consider generic multilayer magnetic systems and determine the ideal experimental conditions in order to maximize the anomalous current.

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