Publications 2020


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Berry Curvature Engineering by Gating Two-Dimensional Antiferromagnets
Shiqiao Du, Peizhe Tang, Jiaheng Li, Zuzhang Lin, Yong Xu, Wenhui Duan, Angel Rubio
Physical Review Research 2, 022025(R) (2020)
Role of electron scattering on the high-order harmonic generation from solids
Chang-Ming Wang, Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean, Massimo Altarelli, Angel Rubio, Shunsuke A. Sato
Physical Review Research 2 , 033333 (2020)
Attosecond timing of the dynamical Franz-Keldysh effect"
M. Lucchini,S.A. Sato,F. Schlaepfer,K. Yabana,L. Gallmann,A. Rubio, U. Keller
Journal of Physics Photonics Volume 2, Number 2, (2020)
The Mott metal-insulator transition from steady-state density functional theory
D. Jacob, G. Stefanucci, S. Kurth