Attosecond timing of the dynamical Franz-Keldysh effect"

Journal of Physics Photonics Volume 2, Number 2, (2020)

Attosecond timing of the dynamical Franz-Keldysh effect"

M. Lucchini,S.A. Sato,F. Schlaepfer,K. Yabana,L. Gallmann,A. Rubio, U. Keller

To which extent dominate intra- or inter-band transitions the optical response of dielectrics when pumped by few-cycle near-infrared transient electric field?In order to find an answer to this question we investigate the dynamical Franz-Keldyshe effect (DFKE) in polycrystalline diamond and discuss in details the attoseocond delay of the induced electron dynamics with regards to the driving transient electric field while the peak intensity is varied between 1 to 10  1012 W/cm2. We found that the main oscillating feature in transient absorption at 43 eV is in phase with the electric eld of the pump, to within 49 as78 as. However, the phase delay shows a slightly asymmetric V-saphed linear energy dispersion with a rate of about 200 as/eV. Theoretical calculations within the dipole approximation reproduce the data and allow us to conclude that intra-band motion dominates in the investigated pump intensity range. 1. Introduction

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This research was supported by the NCCR MUST, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. This research used computational resources from the K computer provided by RIKEN AICS through the HPCI System Research project (Project ID hp150101) and the Garching supercomputing center of the Max Planck Society.

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