Chiral Tubules of Hexagonal BC<sub>2</sub>N

Physical Review B 50, 4976 - 4979 (1994)

Chiral Tubules of Hexagonal BC2N

Y. Miyamoto, A. Rubio, M.L. Cohen, S.G. Louie

We propose a family of nanotubules originating from a hexagonal BC2N sheet. Because of the anisotropic structure of the BC2N sheet, there are a variety of ways to obtain chiral structures by rolling the BC2N sheets into tubules. We performed first-principles and tight-binding band-structure calculations and predict that the chiral BC2N tubules will behave as semiconductors that can be doped with either acceptors or donors. Since the BC2N sheets have anisotropic conductivity in the in-plane directions, helical currents are expected for the chiral tubules. The tubules will resemble nanoscale coils.

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