Collective Electronic Excitations in Metal Coated C<sub>60</sub>

Physical Review B 49, 17397 - 17402 (1994)

Collective Electronic Excitations in Metal Coated C60

A. Rubio, J.A. Alonso, J.M. López, M.J. Stott

A two-shell jellium-on-jellium model has been used to study the collective electronic excitations of C60 coated by an increasing number N of Na atoms. We predict a transition from the π-electron polarization of the fullerene to the metallic sodium polarization as a function of increasing N. For low coverages, the Na layer produces only a broadening and fragmentation of the π plasmon of C60. However, if the coverage is large enough, a Na surface plasmon appears. This occurs only after the electron density of the cluster clearly shows two distinct regions, the outer one having an ‘‘average’’ density similar to that in pure Na metal or Na clusters. The induced density at the collective-mode frequency shows structure corresponding to two interfaces, C60-Na and Na vacuum, the first peak becoming less pronounced as the coverage increases due to a transfer of oscillator strength to the metallic counterpart. The static polarizability per electron also shows this trend and tends slowly to the Na value from below after an initial sharp rise in the region N~13–21.

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