Collective excitations of embedded potassium clusters

Zeitschrift für Physik D 26, S122 - 124 (1993)

Collective excitations of embedded potassium clusters

Llorenç Serra, Angel Rubio

The collective surface-plasmon excitation of potassium clusters embedded in different dielectric matrices has been studied within the time-dependent local-density-approximation and the jellium model. The matrix has been taken into account through a static dielectric constant ε in both the cluster ground state and in the determination of the dynamical susceptibility. We conclude that the change in the residual electron-electron interaction when the cluster is introduced in a matrix is a basic effect for the determination of the static polarizabilities and plasma frequencies. As we increase ε the surface-plasmon energy is shifted to the red and a tendency to saturation is obtained. The red shift is in good agreement with electron-energy-loss spectroscopy experiments.

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