Introduction to Python and Scientific Libraries

26 Feb 2013
Dr. Ask Hjorth Larsen


  • Python: A high-level programming language
  • NumPy: Efficient array operations and linear algebra in Python
  • SciPy: Algorithms for optimization, integration, root finding, special functions and more. Uses NumPy
  • matplotlib: Plotting library which uses NumPy

The combination is roughly equivalent to Octave or Matlab for array manipulations; but much better in terms of programmability, syntax, tools, etc.

I P②t❤♦♥✿ ❆ ❤✐❣❤✲❧❡✈❡❧ ♣r♦❣r❛♠♠✐♥❣ ❧❛♥❣✉❛❣❡
I ◆✉♠P②✿ ❊✣❝✐❡♥t ❛rr❛② ♦♣❡r❛t✐♦♥s ❛♥❞ ❧✐♥❡❛r ❛❧❣❡❜r❛ ✐♥ P②t❤♦♥
I ❙❝✐P②✿ ❆❧❣♦r✐t❤♠s ❢♦r ♦♣t✐♠✐③❛t✐♦♥✱ ✐♥t❡❣r❛t✐♦♥✱ r♦♦t ✜♥❞✐♥❣✱
s♣❡❝✐❛❧ ❢✉♥❝t✐♦♥s ❛♥❞ ♠♦r❡✳ ❯s❡s ◆✉♠P②
I ♠❛t♣❧♦t❧✐❜✿ P❧♦tt✐♥❣ ❧✐❜r❛r② ✇❤✐❝❤ ✉s❡s ◆✉♠P②
❚❤❡ ❝♦♠❜✐♥❛t✐♦♥ ✐s r♦✉❣❤❧② ❡q✉✐✈❛❧❡♥t t♦ ❖❝t❛✈❡ ♦r ▼❛t❧❛❜ ❢♦r
❛rr❛② ♠❛♥✐♣✉❧❛t✐♦♥s❀ ❜✉t ♠✉❝❤ ❜❡tt❡r ✐♥ t❡r♠s ♦❢ ♣r♦❣r❛♠♠❛❜✐❧✐t②✱
s②♥t❛①✱ t♦♦❧s✱ ❡t❝✳