Hole dynamics in noble metals

Physical Review Letters 85, 3241 - 3244 (2000)

Hole dynamics in noble metals

I. Campillo, A. Rubio, J.M. Pitarke, A. Goldmann, P.M. Echenique

Hole dynamics in noble metals (Cu and Au) is investigated by means of first-principles many-body calculations. While holes in a free-electron gas are known to live shorter than electrons with the same excitation energy, our results indicate that d holes in noble metals exhibit longer inelastic lifetimes than excited sp electrons, in agreement with experiment. The density of states available for d-hole decay is larger than that for the decay of excited electrons; however, the small overlap between d and sp states below the Fermi level increases the d-hole lifetime. The impact of d-hole dynamics on electron-hole correlation effects is also addressed

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