Group Meetings 2010

Date Title Speakersort icon
27 Oct 2010 Path Integral Molecular Dynamics: methods and applications Alejandro Perez Paz
27 Sep 2010 Excited states in TiO2 from bulk to nanostructures Amilcare Iacomino
12 May 2010 Van der Waals Interactions in Density Functional Theory - New devolpments in the vdW-DF framework Camilo Espejo
11 May 2010 An Introduction to the European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility (ETSF) Dr. Anne Matsuura
19 May 2010 Some developments in (TD)DFT: From exact constraints to dynamics Esa Räsänen
10 Nov 2010 Fully Self-Consistent GW for molecules: the role of self consistency Fabio Caruso
23 Jun 2010 Computational modelling of excitonic solar cell interfaces Feliciano Giustino
25 Jan 2010 Charge localization and hopping in DNA Francesco Gervasio
17 Feb 2010 Double excitations and the trouble of describing them in DFT Johanna Fuks
1 Mar 2010 Charge transfer excitations Johanna Fuks
20 Sep 2010 Rabi oscillations in TDDFT Johanna I. Fuks
26 Apr 2010 A second look at the electron-ion interaction Lorenzo Stella
10 Nov 2010 Applying Hybrid Functionals to Rare Earth: a study of Cerium Marco Casadei
1 Feb 2010 Semiempirical methods for the electronic ground state Marius Wanko
15 Mar 2010 Semiempirical methods for the electronic ground state Marius Wanko
9 Mar 2010 Multiscale simulations of proteins: from quantum mechanics to coarse grained models Michele Cascella
17 May 2010 Electron-phonon coupling blues Pierluigi Cudazzo
21 Jun 2010 Coupled and Nonlinear Effects in Modelling Low Dimensional Nanostructures Roderick Melnik
9 Jun 2010 Developing Octopus: an introduction to teuthology Xavier Andrade
8 Mar 2010 Brief introduction to configuring, compiling, linking, and debugging programs Yann Pouillon