Group Meetings 2009

Datesort icon Title Speaker
9 Dec 2009 Introduction to optimal control theory Alberto Castro
1 Dec 2009 Spin-density wave in the electron gas in Hartree-Fock, Reduced Density-Matrix Functional Theory, and Exact-Exchange Spin-DFT Stefan Kurth
23 Nov 2009 Oxides for hybrid photovoltaic applications studied by ab initio tools Letizia Chiodo
19 Oct 2009 Multiscale Approaches for Protein Spectroscopy: The Activation of Rhodopsin, TDDFT Pitfalls Marius Wanko
9 Oct 2009 Non-linear response in time-dependent density functional theory Xavier Andrade
5 Oct 2009 The merits of DFT-LDA and going beyond it towards excited states: a perspective from a defect in SiC Michel Bockstedte
24 Jun 2009 Quantum confinement and excitonic effects in SiGe nanowires Stefano Ossicini, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
22 Jun 2009 Probing correlation effects in 1D systems via quantum Monte Carlo methods Michele Casula
19 Jun 2009 Electronic properties of materials for solar cells: Which ab initio approaches can we trust? Silvana Botti
15 Jun 2009 Formal aspects of time-dependent density functional theory Giovanni Vignale
8 Jun 2009 Dynamics and adiabatic transport of multi-component Bose-Einstein condensate V.O. Nesterenko
22 May 2009 Role of water systems in atmosphere Francesca Baletto
29 Apr 2009 Ab initio simulations to improve solar cell efficiency: the case of CuIn(S,Se)2 Julien Vidal
27 Apr 2009 Design of effective potentials and kernels for spectroscopy Matteo Gatti
23 Apr 2009 First principle calculations of K-edge XAS in solids: from graphene to high Tc compounds Matteo Calandra
20 Apr 2009 Photon absorption in TDDFT - how it is done and why it should be done differently Angel Rubio
6 Apr 2009 Electron dynamics at ice metal interfaces Dr. Uwe Bovensiepen, FU Berlin
30 Mar 2009 Continuum mechanics of quantum many-body systems Giovanni Vignale
26 Mar 2009 Potassium intercalated single-wall carbon nanotubes for understanding the electronic properties of semiconductor/metal hybrids Dr. Christian Kramberger
11 Mar 2009 Correlation effects in the electronic properties of transition metal oxides Federico Iori, Matteo Guzzi, ETSF Palaiseau