LDS Course 2008-2009: Students presentations

  • Carbon Nanotubes “A New Era” (presentation)
    Carbon Nanotubes “A New Era” (report)
    Afaf El-Sayed
    (Local pdf files, presentation 1.73Mb, report 1.66Mb)
  • Surface States (presentación)
    Surface States (trabajo)
    Maider Ormaza
    (Local pdf files, presentación 983.62Kb, trabajo 932.22Kb)
  • (AlGaN/GaN) High electron mobility transistors
    Olatz Idigoras
    (Local ppt file, 1.49Mb)
  • Conducting Polymers
    Yasmin Khairy
    (Local ppt file, 2.29Mb)
  • Aggregation of nanoparticles in 1D
    Raquel González
    (Local ppt file, 4.23Mb)
  • Superlattices and Vicinal Surfaces
    Zakaria. M. Abd El-Fattah
    (Local pdf file, 1.1Mb)
  • Artificial atoms
    Yasmin Khairy
    (Local doc file, 509.5Kb)
  • The Physics of Metallic Clusters
    Elizabeth Goiri
    (Local pdf file, 52Kb)
  • Artificial Atoms
    Maider Ormaza Saezmiera
    (Local pdf file, 821.32Kb)
  • Artificial Atoms
    (Local odt file, 21.84Kb)
  • Low dimensional system: Quantum computing
    Olatz Idigoras
    (Local pdf file, 71.47Kb)
  • Quantum Computing
    Txema Porro
    (Local pdf file, 65.28Kb)
  • The Physics of Metal Clusters
    Zakaria Mohammed Abd El-Fattah
    (Local pdf file, 106.17Kb)
  • The Physics of Metalic Clusters
    Afaf El-Sayed
    (Local pdf file, 261.1Kb)
  • Quantum Dots (Quantum Computing)
    Raquel González
    (Local doc file, 100.5Kb)