LDS Course 2010-2011: Students presentations

  • Nanorobots (report)
    Sarai Lafuente Uriarte
    (Local pdf file, report 158.25Kb)
  • Optical nanoantennas (report)
    Paulo Sarriugarte Onandia
    (Local pdf file, report 95.81Kb)
  • How quantum computers work (report)
    Mohammed Sadique
    (Local doc file, report 92Kb)
  • Bose-Einstein Condensation (report)
    Jon Ander Arregi
    (Local pdf file, report 332.73Kb)
  • Chemistry and Chirality (report)
    Ana Sánchez Sánchez
    (Local pdf file, report 81.41Kb)
  • Quantum computer (report)
    Navid Abedi
    (Local pdf file, report 81.39Kb)
  • Graphene (report)
    Jeiran Jokar
    (Local pdf file, report 228.1Kb)
  • Giant Magnetoresistance (report)
    Estitxu Villamor Lomas
    (Local pdf file, report 134.68Kb)
  • Gold nanoparticles for cancer tumor treatment (report)
    Izaskun Letizia Combarro Palacios
    (Local doc file, report 103.6Kb)
  • Electrochemical Biosensors (report)
    Zorione Herrasti Sainz
    (Local doc file, report 91Kb)
  • Photocatalytic activity of nanosized TiO2 on self cleaning surfaces (report)
    Libe Arzubiaga Totorika
    (Local doc file, report 571.5Kb)
  • Superconductors: obtaining higher critical currents (JC) and critical temperatures (TC). Could the “nano-world” play a role? (report)
    Iñigo Rodriguez
    (Local pdf file, report 252.64Kb)
  • Spin transfer torques (report)
    Oksana Sukhostavets
    (Local doc file, report 24Kb)
  • Nanotechnology in the Automotive Industry (report)
    Iker Larraza Arocena
    (Local doc file, report 21.5Kb)
  • Chemical Sensors (report)
    Irma Perez Baena
    (Local pdf files, report 75.75Kb)
  • Nanocrystal solar cells (presentation)
    Nanocrystal solar cells (report)
    Natalia Koval
    (Local pdf files, presentation 161.46Kb, report 40.85Kb)