Magnetic interactions in carbon nanostructures

Carbon 40, 1825 - 1842 (2002)

Magnetic interactions in carbon nanostructures

C. Goze-Bac, S. Latil, P. Lauginie, V. Jourdain, J. Conard, L. Duclaux, A. Rubio, P. Bernier

A review is given of local and non-local magnetic interactions in carbon nanotubes as observed by NMR and EPR. Since reference to graphite and graphene is compulsory, an extended review of the NMR and EPR of graphite and related materials, including GIC, is given. Then EPR, and either static or high-resolution NMR experimental results, both in pure and intercalated MWNT or SWNT, are then reviewed. From high-resolution 13C-NMR in association with a theoretical modelization, it is shown how conducting and semiconducting carbon nanotubes might be discriminated. The benefits of high-resolution NMR for the characterization of carbon nanotube functionalization are described. The strong interdependence of all carbon material studies is clearly highlighted throughout the paper.

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