Publications: Extended systems: solids, surfaces, liquids. Applications (e.g photovoltaics)


These papers are ordered by article relevance.

Density Functional Calculation for K Lattices in Condensed Phase and Quantum-Chemical Model for the Cohesive Energy of Heavy Alkali Metals
N.H. March, A. Rubio
Physical Review B 56, 13865 - 13871 (1997)
Ab-initio Calculations of the Pressure Induced Structural Phase Transitions for four II-VI Compounds
M. Côté, O. Zakharov, A. Rubio, M.L. Cohen
Physical Review B 55, 13025 - 13031 (1997)
Evidence of a Low Compressibility Carbon Nitride with Defect-Zincblende Structure
J. Martín-Gil, F.J. Martín-Gil, M. Sarikaya, M. Qian, M.J. Yacamán, A. Rubio
Journal Of Applied Physics 81, 2555 - 2559 (1997)