Publications: Extended systems: solids, surfaces, liquids. Applications (e.g photovoltaics)


These papers are ordered by article relevance.

Photo-induced C-C reactions on insulators towards photolithography of graphene nanoarchitectures
Carlos-Andres Palma, Katharina Diller, Reinhard Berger, Alexander Welle, Jonas Björk, Jose Luis Cabellos, Duncan J. Mowbray, Anthoula C. Papageorgiou, Natalia P. Ivleva, Sonja Matich, Emanuela Margapoti, Reinhard Niessner, Bernhard Menges, Joachim Reichert, XinLiang Feng, Hans Joachim Räder, Florian Klappenberger, Angel Rubio, Klaus Müllen, Johannes V. Barth
Journal Of The American Chemical Society 136, 4651 - 4658 (2014)
Classical to quantum transition of heat transfer between two silica clusters
Shiyun Xiong, Kaike Yang, Yuriy A. Kosevich, Yann Chalopin, Roberto D'Agosta, Pietro Cortona, Sebastian Volz
Physical Review Letters 112, 114301 (2014)
Stable single-layer honeycomb like structure of silica
V. Ongun Özçelik, S. Cahangirov, S. Ciraci
Physical Review Letters 112, 246803 (2014)
Atomistic mechanism of carbon nanotube cutting catalyzed by nickel under the electron beam
Irina V. Lebedeva, Thomas W. Chamberlain, Andrey M. Popov, Andrey A. Knizhnik, Thilo Zoberbier, Johannes Biskupek, Ute Kaiser, Andrei N. Khlobystov
Nanoscale 6, 14877 - 14890 (2014)
Quasiparticle level alignment for photocatalytic interfaces
Annapaola Migani, Duncan J. Mowbray, Jin Zhao, Hrvoje Petek, Angel Rubio
Journal Of Chemical Theory And Computation 10, 2103 - 2113 (2014)
Germanene: a novel two-dimensional Germanium allotrope akin to Graphene and Silicene
M.E. Dávila, L. Xian, S. Cahangirov, A. Rubio, G. Le Lay
New Journal Of Physics 16, 095002 (2014)
The atomic structure of the √3×√3 phase of silicene on Ag(111)
Seymur Cahangirov, V. Ongun Özçelik, Lede Xian, Jose Avila, Suyeon Cho, Maria C. Asensio, Salim Ciraci, Angel Rubio
Physical Review B 90, 035448 (2014)
Silicite: The new layered allotrope of silicon
S. Cahangirov, V. Ongun Özçelik, A. Rubio, S. Ciraci
Physical Review B 90, 085426 (2014)
Stable two-dimensional dumbbell stanene: a quantum spin Hall insulator
Peizhe Tang, Pengcheng Chen, Wendong Cao, Huaqing Huang, Seymur Cahangirov, Lede Xian, Yong Xu, Shou-Cheng Zhang, Wenhui Duan, Angel Rubio
Physical Review B 90, 121408(R) (2014)
Quantum electrodynamical time-dependent density-functional theory for many-electron systems on a lattice
Mehdi Farzanehpour, I. V. Tokatly
Physical Review B 90, 195149 (2014)
Formation of nickel-carbon heterofullerenes under electron irradiation
A. S. Sinitsa, I. V. Lebedeva, A. A. Knizhnik, A. M. Popov, S. T. Skowron, E. Bichoutskaia
Dalton Transactions 43, 7499 - 7513 (2014)
Force and magnetic field sensor based on measurement of tunneling conductance between ends of coaxial carbon nanotubes
Andrey M. Popov, Irina V. Lebedeva, Andrey A. Knizhnik, Yurii E. Lozovik, Nikolai A. Poklonski, Andrei I. Siahlo, Sergey A. Vyrko, Sergey V. Ratkevich
Computational Materials Science 92, 84 - 91 (2014)