Publications: Electronic and Thermal transport


These papers are ordered by article relevance.

Conduction mechanisms and magnetotransport in multiwalled carbon nanotubes
S. Roche, F. Triozon, A. Rubio, D. Mayou
Physical Review B 64, 121401 - 4 (2001)
Frequency-dependent electrical transport in carbon nanotubes
Y.-P. Zhao, B.Q. Wei, P.M. Ajayan, G. Ramanath, T.-M. Lu, G.-C. Wang, A. Rubio, S. Roche
Physical Review B 64, 201402 - 4 (2001)
Backscattering in carbon nanotubes: role of quantum interference effects
S. Roche, F. Triozon, A. Rubio
Applied Physics Letters 79, 3690 - 3692 (2001)
Electronic Conduction in Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes: Role of Intershell Coupling and Inconmensurability
S. Roche, F. Triozon, A. Rubio, D. Mayou
Physics Letters A 285, 94 - 100 (2001)