Publications: Foundations of Many-Body Theory


These papers are ordered by article relevance.

Anomalous Quasiparticle Lifetime in Graphite: Band Structure Effects
C.D. Spataru, M.A. Cazalilla, A. Rubio, L.X. Benedict, P.M. Echenique, S.G. Louie
Physical Review Letters 87, 246405 - 4 (2001)
Surface-state hole decay mechanisms: The Be(0001) surface
V.M. Silkin, T. Balasubramanian, E.V. Chulkov, A. Rubio, P.M. Echenique
Physical Review B 64, 85334 - 5 (2001)
Lifetime of d-holes at Cu surfaces: Theory and experiment
A. Gerlach, K. Berge, A. Goldmann, I. Campillo, A. Rubio, J. M. Pitarke, P. M. Echenique
Physical Review B 64, 85423 - 8 (2001)
Exploring the Adiabatic Connection Between Weak- and Strong-Interaction Limits in Density Functional Theory
J.P. Perdew, S. Kurth, M. Seidl
International Journal Of Modern Physics B 15, 1672 - 1683 (2001)
Construction and application of an accurate self-interaction-corrected correlation energy functional based on an electron gas with a gap
J.B. Krieger, J. Chen, S. Kurth
Vol. 577, p. 48 - 69 (2001)