Publications: Foundations of Many-Body Theory


These papers are ordered by article relevance.

Electronic Excitations: Density-Functional versus Many-body Green's Functions Approaches
G. Onida, L. Reining, A. Rubio
Reviews Of Modern Physics 74, 601 - 659 (2002)
Anisotropy and interplane interactions in the dielectric response of graphite
A.G. Marinopoulos, L. Reining, V. Olevano, A. Rubio, T. Pichler, X. Liu, M. Knupfer, J. Fink
Physical Review Letters 89, 76402 - 4 (2002)
Quasiparticle band-structure effects on the d hole lifetimes of copper within the GW approximation
A. Marini, R. Del Sole, A. Rubio, G. Onida
Physical Review B 66, 161104 - 4 (2002)