Publications: Foundations of Many-Body Theory


These papers are ordered by article relevance.

Transforming Nonlocality into a Frequency Dependence: A Shortcut to Spectroscopy
Matteo Gatti, Valerio Olevano, Lucia Reining, I. V. Tokatly
Physical Review Letters 99, 57401 (2007)
First-Principles Approach to Noncollinear Magnetism: Towards Spin Dynamics
S. Sharma, J.K. Dewhurst, C. Ambrosch-Draxl, S. Kurth, N. Helbig, S. Pittalis, S. Shallcross, L. Nordstrom, E.K.U. Gross
Physical Review Letters 98, 196405 (2007)
New Collective Mode in the Fractional Quantum Hall Liquid
I. V. Tokatly, G. Vignale
Physical Review Letters 98, 26805 (2007)
Comparison of exact-exchange calculations for solids in current-spin-density- and spin-density-functional theory
S. Sharma, S. Pittalis, S. Kurth, S. Shallcross, J.K. Dewhurst, E.K.U. Gross
Physical Review B 76, 100401 (2007)
Lorentz shear modulus of a two-dimensional electron gas at high magnetic field
I. V. Tokatly, G. Vignale
Physical Review B 76, 161305 (2007)
Time-dependent density functional theory: Derivation of gradient-corrected dynamical exchange-correlational potentials
Jianmin Tao, Giovanni Vignale, I. V. Tokatly
Physical Review B 76, 195126 (2007)
Time-dependent deformation functional theory
I. V. Tokatly
Physical Review B 75, 125105 (2007)
Orbital currents in the Colle-Salvetti correlation energy functional and the degeneracy problem
S. Pittalis, S. Kurth, S. Sharma, E.K.U. Gross
Journal of Chemical Physics 127, 124103 (2007)
Advanced Correlation Functionals: Application to Bulk Materials and Localized Systems
P. García-González, J.J. Fernández, A. Marini, A. Rubio
Journal Of Physical Chemistry A 49, 12458 - 12465 (2007)