Publications: Foundations of Many-Body Theory


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Overhauser’s spin-density wave in exact-exchange spin-density functional theory
S. Kurth, F.G. Eich
Physical Review B 80, 125120 (2009)
Polarization-induced renormalization of molecular levels at metallic and semiconducting surfaces
J.M. García-Lastra, C. Rostgaard, A. Rubio, K. S. Thygesen
Physical Review B 80, 245427 (2009)
Angle-resolved photoemission study of the graphite intercalation compound KC8: A key to graphene
A. Grüneis, C. Attaccalite, A. Rubio, D.V. Vyalikh, S.L. Molodtsov, J. Fink, R. Follath, W. Eberhardt, B. Büchner,, T. Pichler
Physical Review B 80, 75431 (2009)
Time-dependent current density functional theory via time-dependent deformation functional theory: a constrained search formulation in the time domain
I. V. Tokatly
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11, 4621 - 4630 (2009)
Exact Kohn–Sham potential of strongly correlated finite systems
Helbig, N., Tokatly, I.V., Rubio, A.
Journal of Chemical Physics 131, 224105 (2009)
Ab initio electronic and optical spectra of free-base porphyrins: the role of electronic correlation
M. Palummo, C. Hogan, P. Bagalá, F. Sottile, A. Rubio
Journal of Chemical Physics 131, 84101 (2009)
Lorentz shear modulus of fractional quantum Hall states
I.V. Tokatly, G. Vignale
Journal Of Physics-Condensed Matter 21, 275603 (2009)
Correlated electron transport in molecular junctions
K.S. Thygesen, A. Rubio
Oxford University Pressp. 865 - 910 (2009)
Equilibrium spin currents: Non-Abelian gauge invariance and color diamagnetism in condensed matter
I.V. Tokatly
Physical Review Letters 101, 106601 (2008)
Comment on "Huge Excitonic Effects in Layered Hexagonal Boron Nitride"
L. Wirtz, A. Marini, M. Grüning, C. Attaccalite, G. Kresse, A. Rubio
Physical Review Letters 100, 189701 (2008)
Quantum Stress Focusing in Descriptive Chemistry
J. Tao, G. Vignale, I. V. Tokatly
Physical Review Letters 100, 206405 (2008)
Electron-Electron Correlation in Graphite: A Combined Angle-Resolved Photoemission and First-Principles Study
A. Grüneis, C. Attaccalite, T. Pichler, V. Zabolotnyy, H. Shiozawa, S.L. Molodtsov, D. Inosov, A. Koitzsch, M. Knupfer, J. Schiessling, R. Follath, R. Weber, P. Rudolf, L. Wirtz, A. Rubio
Physical Review Letters 100, 37601 - 4 (2008)
Exchange-correlation orbital functionals in current-density functional theory: Application to a quantum dot in magnetic fields
N. Helbig, S. Kurth, S. Pittalis, E. Räsänen, E.K.U. Gross
Physical Review B 77, 245106 (2008)
Transforming Nonlocality into a Frequency Dependence: A Shortcut to Spectroscopy
Matteo Gatti, Valerio Olevano, Lucia Reining, I. V. Tokatly
Physical Review Letters 99, 57401 (2007)
First-Principles Approach to Noncollinear Magnetism: Towards Spin Dynamics
S. Sharma, J.K. Dewhurst, C. Ambrosch-Draxl, S. Kurth, N. Helbig, S. Pittalis, S. Shallcross, L. Nordstrom, E.K.U. Gross
Physical Review Letters 98, 196405 (2007)