Publications: Foundations of Many-Body Theory


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Lifetime of d-holes at Cu surfaces: Theory and experiment
A. Gerlach, K. Berge, A. Goldmann, I. Campillo, A. Rubio, J. M. Pitarke, P. M. Echenique
Physical Review B 64, 85423 - 8 (2001)
Exploring the Adiabatic Connection Between Weak- and Strong-Interaction Limits in Density Functional Theory
J.P. Perdew, S. Kurth, M. Seidl
International Journal Of Modern Physics B 15, 1672 - 1683 (2001)
Construction and application of an accurate self-interaction-corrected correlation energy functional based on an electron gas with a gap
J.B. Krieger, J. Chen, S. Kurth
Vol. 577, p. 48 - 69 (2001)
Hole dynamics in noble metals
I. Campillo, A. Rubio, J.M. Pitarke, A. Goldmann, P.M. Echenique
Physical Review Letters 85, 3241 - 3244 (2000)
Simulation of All-Order Density-Functional Perturbation Theory, Using the Second Order and the Strong-Correlation Limit
M. Seidl, J.P. Perdew, S. Kurth
Physical Review Letters 84, 5070 - 5073 (2000)
Enhancements to the GW Space-Time Method
L. Steibeck, A. Rubio, L. Reining, M. Torrent, I.D. White, R.W. Godby
Computer Physics Communications 125, 105 - 118 (2000)
Role of occupied d states in the relaxation of hot electrons in Au
I. Campillo, J.M. Pitarke, A. Rubio, P.M. Echenique
Physical Review B 62, 1500 - 1503 (2000)
Comment on ‘‘Correlation holes in a spin-polarized dense electron gas’’
K. Schmidt, S. Kurth, J. Tao, J.P. Perdew
Physical Review B 62, 2227 - 2231 (2000)
Real-Space, Real-Time Method for the Dielectric Function
G.F. Bertsch, J.-I. Iwata, A. Rubio, K. Yabana
Physical Review B 62, 7998 - 8002 (2000)
First-principles Calculations of Hot-Electron Lifetimes in Metals
I. Campillo, V.M. Silkin, J.M. Pitarke, E.V. Chulkov, A. Rubio, P.M. Echenique
Physical Review B 61, 13484 - 13492 (2000)
Density functional for short-range correlation: Accuracy of the random phase approximation for isoelectronic energy changes
Z. Yan, J.P. Perdew, S. Kurth
Physical Review B 61, 16430 - 16439 (2000)
Density-functional versus wave-function methods: Toward a benchmark for the jellium surface energy
Z. Yan, J.P. Perdew, S. Kurth, C. Fiolhais, L. Almeida
Physical Review B 61, 2595 - 2598 (2000)
Plasmonic excitations in noble metals: The case of Ag
M.A. Cazalilla, J.S. Dolado, A. Rubio, P.M. Echenique
Physical Review B 61, 8033 - 8042 (2000)
Density functionals for the strong-interaction limit
M. Seidl, J.P. Perdew, S. Kurth
Physical Review A 62, 012502 (2000)
Optimized effective potential method for polymers
P. Süle, S. Kurth, V.E. van Doren
Journal of Chemical Physics 112, 7355 - 7362 (2000)