Publications: Nanostructures and nanotubes. Nanocapilarity


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Elastic Properties of Single-Wall Nanotubes
E. Hernández, C. Goze, P. Bernier, A. Rubio
Applied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing 68, 287 - 292 (1999)
Nanotubes: Mechanical and Spectroscopic Properties
E. Hernández, A. Rubio
PsiK newsletter, Scientific Highlight of the Month (1999)
Structural and Thermal Properties of Carbon Nanostructures: Fullerenes and Nanotubes
E. Hernández, M.J. López, P.A. Marcos, J.A. Alonso, A. Rubio
Fullerene Science and Technology (1999)
Inelastic deformations in multiwalled carbon nanotubes
D. Tekleab, R. Czerw, A. Rubio, P.M. Ajayan, Dave Carroll
Vol. 589, (1999)
Elastic Properties of C and Bx CyNz Composite Nanotubes
E. Hernández, C. Goze, P. Bernier, A. Rubio
Physical Review Letters 80, 4502 - 4505 (1998)
Scanning force microscopy characterization of individual carbon nanotubes on electrode arrays
J. Muster, M. Burghard, S. Roth, G.S. Duesberg, E. Hernández, A. Rubio
Journal Of Vacuum Science & Technology B 16, 2796 - 2801 (1998)
Reversible Bending of Carbon Nanotubes using a Transmission Electron Microscope
W.H. Knechtel, G.S. Duesberg, W.J. Blau, E. Hernández, A. Rubio
Applied Physics Letters 73, 1961 - 1963 (1998)
Geometric boundary effects on the electronic properties of finite carbon nanotubes
H.-Y. Zhu, D.J. Klein, T.G. Schmalz, A. Rubio, N.H. March
Journal Of Physics And Chemistry Of Solids 59, 417 - 423 (1998)
In Situ Band Gap Engineering of Carbon Nanotubes
V.H. Crespi, M.L. Cohen, A. Rubio
Physical Review Letters 79, 2093 - 2096 (1997)
Theoretical Study of One-dimensional Chains of Metal Atoms in Nanotubes
A. Rubio, Y. Miyamoto, X. Blase, M.L. Cohen, S.G. Louie
Physical Review B 53, 4023 - 4026 (1996)
Transferability of a Local Pseudopotential Based on Solid State Electron Density
F. Nogueira, C. Fiolhais, J. He, J.P. Perdew, A. Rubio
Journal Of Physics-Condensed Matter 8, 287 - 302 (1996)
Ionic Cohesion and Electron-Doping of Thin Carbon Tubules with Alkali Atoms
Y. Miyamoto, A. Rubio, X. Blase, M.L. Cohen, S.G. Louie
Physical Review Letters 74, 2993 - 2996 (1995)
Synthesis of BxCyNz Nanotubules
Z. Weng-Sieh, K. Cherrey, N.G. Chopra, X. Blase, Y. Miyamoto, A. Rubio, M.L. Cohen, R. Gronsky, S.G. Louie, A. Zettl
Physical Review B 51, 11229 - 11232 (1995)
Quasiparticle Excitations in GaAs1-xNx and AlAs1-xNx Ordered Alloys
A. Rubio, M.L. Cohen
Physical Review B 51, 4343 - 4346 (1995)
Quasiparticle Band Structure of Bulk Hexagonal Boron-Nitride and Related Systems
X. Blase, A. Rubio, S.G. Louie, M.L. Cohen
Physical Review B 51, 6868 - 6875 (1995)