Congress, Workshops and Schools - 2017

  • NOMAD Summer.A hands-on course on tools for novel-materials discovery. Sep. 25-29, 2017, Berlin
  • Multiscale modelling of organic semiconductors: from elementary processes to devices. Grenoble, France, September 12-15, 2017
    1. - Time-dependent density functional theory calculations of exciton transfer rates in emission layer of organic
      light-emitting diodes.
      I.V. Lebedeva, J. Jornet-Somoza and A. Rubio
  • 6th European Conference on Molecular Magnetism. Bucharest, Romania, August 27-31, 2017
    1. - Electronic structure and magnetic anisotropy in f-block molecular nanomagnets (Best Oral Presentation Award). J.J. Baldoví, E. Lucaccini, A. Gaita-Ariño, L. Sorace, E. Coronado
  • XXXVI Reunión Bienal de la Real Sociedad Española de Física. Santiago de Compostela, Spain, July 17-21, 2017
    1. - Time-dependent density functional theory of magneto-optical response. I.V. Lebedeva, I.V. Tokatly and A. Rubio
  • International Conference on Attosecond Physics (ATTO2017). July 2 to 7, 2017, Xian, China
    1. Circularly polarized high-order harmonics from solids driven by single-color infrared pulses
      N.Klemke,G. Di Sciacca, Y. Yang, G. M. Rossi, R. E. Mainz, N. Tancogne-Dejean, A. Rubio, F. X. Kärtner and O. D. Mücke
  • CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2017.The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics and the European Quantum Electronics Conference. Munich, Germany, 25-29 June 2017
    1. Ellipticity dependence of higher-order harmonics in solids:unraveling the interplay between intraband and interband dynamics (oral contribution).N. Klemke,G. Di Sciacca,Y. Yang,G. M. Rossi,R. E. Mainz, N. Tancogne-Dejean,A. Rubio,F. X. Kärtner and O. D. Mücke
  • DPG-Frühjahrstagung (Spring Meeting) of the Condensed Matter Section.Dresden, 19 - 24 March 2017
    1. -Accessing micro- and mesoscopic ultrafast electron dynamics in low-dimensional materials (oral contribution). M. Puppin, C. Nicholson, M.Müller, R. Bertoni, H. Hübener, A. Rubio, C. Monney, C. Cacho, M. Wolf, A. Paarmann, L. Rettig and R. Ernstorfer
    2. -Density matrix embedding theory for coupled fermion-boson systems (oral contribution). T. E. Reinhard, U. Mordovina, H. Appel, J. S. Kretchmer, G. K. L. Chan and A. Rubio
    3. On the hunt for better functionals in DFT: a new quantum embedding scheme (oral contribution). U. Mordovina, T. E. Reinhard, H. Appel and A. Rubio.
    4. Intercalated porphines at the BN/Cu(111) interface: structure,electronic properties and function.(oral contribution).J.Ducke,A.Riss,A.Pérez Paz,A.Rubio,J.V. Barth and W.Auwärter
    5. Interlayer Excitons and Band Alignment in MoS2/hBN/WSe2 van der Waals Heterostructures (oral contribution). S.Latini,K.T. Winther,T.Olsen and K. S. Thygesen.
    6. Theoretical simulations of pump-probe spectroscopies in solids (oral contribution). M.Sentef.
    7. Conditions for describing triplet states in reduced density matrix functional theory (oral contribution).
    8. Ab-Initio Description of Photoinduced Processes Beyond Classical Maxwell Theory.I.Theophilou,N.N. Lathiotakis and N. Helbig.(oral contribution).N. Hoffmann, H. Appel and Angel Rubio
    9. On the hunt for better functionals in DFT:  a new quantum embedding scheme >(oral contribution).U. Mordovina, T.E. Reinhard, H.Appel and A.Rubio
    10. Impact of the electronic band structure in high-harmonic generation spectra of solids.(oral contribution).N. Tancogne-Dejean,O. D. Mucke,F.X. Kartner and A..Rubio
    11. Charge and energy transport at the nanoscale: A DFT perspective.(oral contribution).F.G. Eich,F.Covito and A. Rubio
    12. Time Dependent Quantum Transport in Nanosystems.A nonequilibrium Green’s function approach.R.Tuovinen
  • APS March Meeting 2017. New Orleans. 13-17 March 2017
    1. Charge and energy transport at the nanoscale: A DFT perspective. F.G.Eich, F.Covito, A.Rubio.
    2. Plasmons in quasi-two-dimensional metals. F.H. da Jornada, L.Xian, H.Sener SEn, A.Rubio, S.G.Louie
  • DPG Frühjahrstagung (Spring Meeting) of the Atomic, Molecular, Plasma Physics and Quantum Optics Section (SAMOP). Mainz, 6 - 10 March 2017
    1.  Cavity-QED beyond model systems.C.Schaefer,J. Flick, H.Appel, C. Pellegrini and A.Rubio
    2. Ab-Initio Description of Photoinduced Processes Beyond Classical Maxwell Theory.N. Hoffmann, H. Appel and Angel Rubio
    3. Real-time propagation of a Na297 dimer as a coupled Maxwell-Schrödinger and time-dependent Kohn-Sham-Maxwell system.Rene Jestadt, H. Appel, A. Rubio
  • 31st International Winterschool on the Electronic Properties of Novel Materials, IWEPNM 2017.Kirchberg,Tirol, Austria. (March 04-11, 2017)
    1. Elemental two-dimensional materials: Novel electronic and structural properties. A.Rubio