Invited Talks - 2011

  • Non equilibrium dynamical simulations of complex systems from tddft
    Angel Rubio,
    Third Theory Days: Stochastic and Dissipative Effects , Toulouse, France, Nov-Dec 30, 2 (2011)
  • Quantum electron-ion (de)coherence: An atomistic approach
    Lorenzo Stella
    Theory days on Stochastic and Dissipative Effects,30 November -2 December 2011, Universite Paul Sabatier, Laboratoire de Physique Theorique,Tolouse, France.
  • Theoretical concepts for the simulation of nanostructured-based devices: from photovoltaics to light-emisión
    Angel Rubio,
    4th European School on Molecular Nanoscience (ESMOLNA2011), Peñíscola, Spain, 23-28th October (2011)
  • Light induced electron-hole photo-physical processes in nanostructures: open questions for TDDFT
    Angel Rubio,
    Gordon Research Conference on "Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory" August 14-19, 2011, University of New England, Biddeford, ME, USA (18th August 2011)
  • Boron Nitride and graphene nanostructures: properties and optoelectronic applications
    Angel Rubio,
    Columbia University (Depts of Physics and Electrical Engineering), 15th August 2011
  • The derivative discontinuity in transport
    Stefan Kurth,
    How to Speed Up Progress and Reduce Empiricism in Density Functional Theory, June 20-24, 2011, ACAM, Dublin, Ireland
  • Open problems with excitations in TDDFT
    Angel Rubio,
    How to Speed Up Progress and Reduce Empiricism in Density Functional Theory, June 20-24, 2011, ACAM, Dublin, Ireland (21st June 2011)
  • Modeling the electronic properties of nanotubes and biomolecules: towards nanostructured-based optoelectronic devices
    Angel Rubio
    Satellite Meeting ”Theoretical Modelling of Materials” of 9th World Congress of the World Association o Theoretical and Computational Chemists (WATOC),
    Barcelona, 13-15 July 2011
  • New developments in the first principles simulation of the spectroscopic properties of low-dimensional systems
    Angel Rubio,
    60th celebration of Hajo Freund and Matthias Scheffler ”FIESTAE”, 28-June, 1st-July (2011)
  • Beyond local and static Kohn-Sham potentials: the point of view of Green's functions theory
    Matteo Gatti
    How to Speed up Progress and Reduce Empiricism in Density Functional Theory”, ACAM Dublin, Ireland, June 20-24 2011.
  • Stochastic Time Dependent Density Functional Theory
    Roberto D'Agosta,
    CECAM Workshop, "Thermal and Electronic Transport at the Nanoscale",
    Grenoble (France), June 20-22, 2011.
  • Stochastic Time Dependent Density Functional Theory
    Roberto D'Agosta,
    Department of Materials, Oxford University, Oxford (UK), 10 June 2011
  • Metal-insulator transitions in the GW approximation
    Matteo Gatti
    "Challenges and solutions in GW calculations for complex systems", CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland, June 7-10 2011.
  • Modeling Photo-induced dynamical processes in complex nanostructures and oxides: role of electron correlations,
    dynamical screening and electron-phonon coupling

    Angel Rubio,
    Elementary Processes in Solids and at Interfaces: Carrier, Lattice, and Molecular Dynamics (ElePSI), Kloster
    Banz, Germany 29-May-1 June 2011  (30 May 2011)
  • Theoretical spectroscopy of metal-insulator transitions in correlated electron materials
    Matteo Gatti
    “MRS Spring Meeting (Symposium YY: Computational Semiconductor Materials Science)”, San Francisco (April 25-29 2011).
  • Modeling Photo-induced dynamical processes in massive parallel architectures
    Angel Rubio,
    ImagineNano,   HPC 2011 (High Performance Computing), BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Centre), Spain  (14th April 2011)
    (pdf, 3.4 Mb)
  • Stochastic approach to electronic and spin thermal transport
    Roberto D'Agosta,
    Focus session on 'Spin on organic materials", DPG Meeting 2011, Dresden, 13-18 March 2011
  • First-principles description of correlation: from simple metals to oxides
    Matteo Gatti
    Seminar zur Theorie der kondensierten Materie - Institut für Physik - Universität Augsburg - Augsburg, Germany (1 February 2011)
  • Dynamical Coulomb blockade and the derivative discontinuity: a not-so-steady state
    Stefan Kurth
    15th International Workshop on Computational Physics and Materials Science: Total Energy and Force Methods
    Trieste, Italy, 13-15 January 2011