Invited Talks - 2020

  • Physics Colloquium at Columbia University, NY. 9 November 2020
    -"Cavity twistronics" a platform for quantum matter on demand.A.Rubio
  • CAMD Webinar, DTU Physics, Technical University of Denmark,Kgs Lyngby, Denmark.1 December 2020.
    -Engineering quantum materials with optical  cavities and light: a QEDFT approach.A.Rubio
  • L4G Seminar at ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona.11 December 2020
    -Cavity QED quantum materials engineering: "Cavity twistronics".A Rubio
  • Flatiron Seminar.2nd August 2020.New York.
    - Cavity and Floquet-Engineered new states of matter. A.Rubio