Scientific organization 2018

Conferences, schools and workshops organized or co-organized by the group.

  • Flatiron Workshop.Auxiliary-Field Quantum Monte Carlo. February13-14,2018. New York.Organizers:Hao Shi, Shiwei Zhang
  • Flatiron Workshop.Resonant X-Ray Scattering (RIXS) Workshop.28 February-2 March 2018. New York.Organizers:Antoine Georges, Andy Millis, Angel Rubio
  • Flatiron Workshop.Machine Learning and Quantum Many-Body Physics.April 26-27,2018. New York.Organizers:Giuseppe Carleo, Miles Stoudenmire
  • Flatiron Workshop.Materials by Design: Correlated Electron Superlattices in and out of Equilibrium. July18-27,2018. New York.Organizers:Antoine Georges, Andy Millis, Jean-Marc Triscone, Andrea Cavalleri