Phonon-driven spin-Floquet magneto-valleytronics in MoS2

Nature Communications 9, 638 (2018)

Phonon-driven spin-Floquet magneto-valleytronics in MoS2

Dongbin Shin,Hannes Hübener,Umberto De Giovannini,Hosub Jin,Angel Rubio, Noejung Park

Two-dimensional (2D) materials equipped with strong spin-orbit coupling can display novel electronic, spintronic, valleytronic and topological properties originating from thebreaking of time- or inversion symmetry. By performing ab initio time dependent density functional simulation on MoS2, here we show that the spin is not only locked to the valley-momenta but strongly coupled to the optical E'' phonon that lifts the lattice mirror symmetry. Once the phonon is pumped so as to break time-reversal symmetry,the resulting Floquet spectra of the phonon-dressed spins carry a net out-of-plane magnetization (≈ 0.024 B 19 μ for single phonon quantum) even though the original system is non-magnetic. This dichroic magnetic response of the valley states is general for all 2H semiconducting transition-metal dichalcogenides and can be probed and controlled by infrared coherent laser excitation.

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We acknowledge the financial support from the European Research Council (ERC-2015-AdG-694097), European Union’s H2020 programme under GA 401 no.676580 (NOMAD) and GA no. 646259 (MOSTOPHOS). DS and NP acknowledge the support from BRL (NRF-2017R1A4A101532).

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