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New platform generates hybrid light-matter excitations in highly charged graphene


2 Dec 2020
Parameter-free hybrid functional based on an extended Hubbard model: DFT+U+V

The paper is the Top Download in Phys Rev B

26 Oct 2020
Nature of Symmetry Breaking at the Excitonic Insulator Transition:Ta2 NiSe5

The Journal Club recommendations for August 2020.Atsushi Fujimori writes on two papers which examine and calculate aspects of the several linearly coupled mechanisms of recently observed excitonic transitions and propose experiments to unravel them:

31 Aug 2020
Entrevista Angel Rubio Secades. Participación Especial Computación Cuántica / Revista APD


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21 Jul 2020
Twisted WSe2 as a highly tunable platform for the study of exotic phenomena

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22 Jun 2020
Setting the photoelectron clock through molecular alignment


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21 May 2020
When plasmons reach atomic flatland

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21 Feb 2020
A step towards controlling spin-dependent petahertz electronics by material defects

MPSD Research News

13 Feb 2020
Lichtwirbel, Anti-Laser und leuchtende Moleküle

Jahresrückblick Optik & Photonik 2019

8 Jan 2020