2D Materials and Devices beyond Graphene Science & Emerging Technology of 2D Atomic Layered Materials and Devices, US Air Force

International Collaboration

Status: finished project
Contract Number:
The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR): FA2386-15-1-0006 AOARD 144088

This project addresses the growth and characterization of materials, the exploration of novel physical phenomena in 2D atomic layers, the fabrication of two-dimensional electronic devices and synergistic theoretical efforts to predict novel phenomena in 2D systems.


The overall objectives of this project address the following areas:
- The Growth and Characterization of 2D Atomic Layers
- The Exploration of Novel Physical Phenomena in 2D Atomic Layers
- Device and Circuit Concepts
- Theoretical Focus and Synergy with Experimental Work


The project is being carried with funds from the United States Air Force and in collaboration with the following institutions in the U.S. and Japan:

Rice University: Ajayan, Kono and Lou groups

Columbia University: Heinz, Hone and Kim groups

Case Western Reserve University: Shan group

University of California at Santa Barbara: Banerjee group

Osaka University: Tonouchi group

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