COST action of "Self-assembled guanosine structures for molecular electronic devices"

European Union

Status: finished project

Guanosine is one of the DNA nucleotides and together with its derivatives it has a high potential for self-recognition and self-assembly, as well as the recognition ability for other biologically important molecules. These properties will be explored in detail with the goal to increase the knowledge on basic principles of guanosine-assembly, to synthesize new optimized materials, and to explore their electronic and optical properties. Novel reproducible and well ordered supramolecular structures will be designed to serve as molecular-scale architectures for new hybrid molecular electronics. The key innovation is in merging the biorecognition properties of guanosine-based materials with their promising electronic properties, which opens up a wide range of possible biomedical applications.

Keywords: G-quartet, quadruplex DNA and RNA, molecular electronics, biomaterials, nanotechnology.

MPNS Action MP0802 

September 2010 this Action presentation at the COST Annual Progress Conference in Berlin

The group participates in the action COST. The information about the Action is in the web page of the Action and in the COST page

Work Group 1 (Ultrafast electron dynamics in molecules) meeting which will be co-located with the workshop Free Electron Lasers and Attosecond Sources ( at UCL London, 30.06-2.07.2014 (3 days).WG1 meeting will take place also at UCL 3.07-4.07. (2 days).