DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative


Status: finished project
Starting date 
1 January 2009
Ending date 
1 January 2010

This proposal will require large computing facilities with intensive CPU usage and massive parallelization in order to study two of the most representative high-Tc materials, namely La2CuO4 and LaFeAsO, by means of state-of-the-art quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) techniques implemented in the TurboRVB code developed in our group. The present code is very good in terms of scalability with respect to the number of processors and portability on different architectures. However, an application enabling of medium level (3-4 months) is required to tune its scalability and optimize its performances for the targeted application on the specific architecture chosen. Finally, medium storage resources are requested for a common data repository to share the results among the researchers working in different institutions.


  • Claudio Attaccalite
  • Michele Casula
  • Sandro Sorella

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