European Union

Status: finished project
Starting date 
1 January 2003
Ending date 
31 December 2005

The central objective of this joint project is the development of DNA-based nanoelectronics. The project will focus on (i) Production of G4-DNA, M-DNA and PC-DNA molecular nanowires and characterization of their electrical properties, (ii) Development of a control over the molecule-electrode and molecule-substrate interaction, (iii) Development of a theoretical understanding of the energetics and the conduction mechanisms in these wires, and (iv) Development of model nanoelectronic devices on the basis of the above DNA-Based wires. Single molecule electric conduction studies will provide insight into so-far poorly understood mechanistic and dynamic issues. Finally we hope to establish first prototype single-DNA-based electronic devices. This is a project with great scientific and technological challenges. For the realization of these goals we have managed to bring together a consortium of very strong European groups active in this field.


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