European Union

Status: finished project
Contract Number:
Starting date 
1 January 2006
Ending date 
31 March 2009

We propose to develop a new integrated self-adjusting nanoelectronic sensor (SANES) based on functionalized carbon nanotubes as active elements. The multifunctional sensor micromodule will consist of a matrix of differently functionalized CNTs which are integrated into an electronics package (electronics and software also developed in the framework of the project) capable of:

  • Recording and analyzing the signal of a very small number (target: only one single nanotube) of sensing elements;
  • Monitoring several factors (e.g. temperature, pressure, gas atmosphere etc.) simultaneously;
  • Actively change the local chemical environment of the sensor component CNTs (self-adjusting behavior);

The primary objective of this proposal is to design, construct and analyze such novel sensor modules integrated in an intelligent micromodule. We intend to build the working prototype of the module and perform its complete evaluation regarding sensitivity, selectivity, stability and reproducibility. We will conclude the project by performing a feasibility study on the possibilities of the production scale-up for the developed sensor module.


From the scientific aspect, it is an ultimate goal to apply the existing know-how and to gain new knowledge needed to accomplish the deliverable items. In particular, we will direct research efforts on individual carbon nanotube based sensor elements in the following directions:

  • Nanotubes in antenna applications, mechanical strain sensing, flow sensing etc.
  • Highly perfect carbon nanotubes as electromagnetic sensors (resistivity and impedance measurements).
  • Functionalized carbon nanotubes acting as selective chemical sensors.
  • Nanotubes filled with magnetic materials acting as magnetic sensors. Potential sensor elements will be studied in a comprehensive manner using bulk chemical, nanotechnological and advanced solid state simulation methods. The latter will focus on transport phenomena in locally perturbed low-dimensional systems a key requirement for understanding and designing nanotubebased sensors.