Transporte Electrónico, Térmico, y de Espin con la Teoría de Funcionales de Densidad (SElecT-DFT)


Status: finished project
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Objective 1: Steady-state electronic transport through strongly correlated systems
Objective 2: Development of approximate functionals for time-dependent electronic transport
Objective 3: Extending the xc correction to the electronic thermal conductance
Objective 4: Thermoelectricity beyond linear response
Objective 5: Implementation of the xc corrections into available ab-initio codes
Objective 6: DFT based first-principle modelling of ballistic spin transport and spin-to-charge conversion at interfaces in metallic nanostructures
Objective 7: Development of a quasiclassical kinetic theory and effective boundary conditions incorporating the interface spin-to-charge conversion.


Prof. Stefan Kurth
Prof. Roberto D'Agosta
Prof. Angel Rubio
Prof. Ilya Tokatly
Dr. Alejandro Perez
Dr. Andre Mirtschink
Dr. Andrea Droghetti
Dr. Joaquim Jornet-Somoza

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