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Ψk Volker Heine Young Investigator Award

For research excellence in all fields involving electronic structure calculations

Young computational science researchers are invited to put themselves forward for the Ψk Volker Heine Young Investigator Award 2015. Finalists will compete at a special oral session of the conference hosted by the 2015 Psi-K Organization at the large Psi-K Meeting, 6-10. September 2015, in Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain


The purpose of the Ψk Volker Heine Young Investigator Award is to recognize an individual for her or his outstanding computational work in any type of condensed-matter, materials, or nanoscience research involving electronic structure calculations. In 2015 there will be one award of 2500 Euro and four runner-up prizes of 500 Euro each. 

Regulations and Procedure:

1) Applicants may be of any nationality working anywhere in the world.

2) The applicant's PhD certificate must not be dated more than 5 years before the first day of the Psi-K Meeting 2015 (i.e., no earlier than 5. September 2010). Those who have not yet completed a PhD can also apply.

3) Young investigators who wish to compete for the Ψk Volker Heine Young Investigator Award 2015 must submit:

abstract (in the format of the abstracts for the conference)
two-page description making the case for her/his outstanding scientific contribution
extended CV (incl. list of publications and talks/posters)
evidence of satisfying the conditions of regulation (2) above. 

These items must be submitted by email, as a pdf attachment, to the chairperson of Psi-k.org whose address is given below. It must not be received later than May 8, 2015. The abstract must also be submitted as a regular contribution to the Psi-K Meeting following the standard procedure.

4) The candidate must arrange for two confidential support letters to be sent directly to the Ψk chairperson (see below). These letters (sent by email) must be received before May 8, 2015. One of the letters must certify that the candidate meets the requirements of regulations (2) above.

5) The award committee will select five finalists who will get an invitation to present their work at the Psi-K Meeting (25 min. talk + 5 min. discussion). After these presentations, the award committee will select the award winner.

6) The award winner will receive her or his award of 2500 Euro and the four runner-up their prizes of 500 Euro each, together with a certificate, at a presentation on the Psi-k Scientific Get-Together during the conference.

Prize Committee:

The prize committee will consist of Risto Nieminen (chair), Matthias Scheffler, Nicola Marzari, and the five plenary speakers of Psi-k2015 (Giulia Galli, Georg Kresse, Steve Louie, Ingrid Mertig, and Jörg Neugebauer). The chairman can be reached at risto.nieminen@aalto.fi.


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