Self-energy and excitonic effects in the electronic and optical properties of TiO<sub>2</sub> crystalline phases

Physical Review B 82, 045207 (2010)

Self-energy and excitonic effects in the electronic and optical properties of TiO2 crystalline phases

Letizia Chiodo, Juan Maria García-Lastra, Amilcare Iacomino, Stefano Ossicini, Jin Zhao, Hrvoje Petek, Angel Rubio

We present a unified ab-initio study of electronic and optical properties of TiO2 rutile and anatase phases, with a combination of Density Functional Theory and Many Body Perturbation Theory techniques. The consistent treatment of exchange-correlation, with the inclusion of many body one-particle and two-particles effects in self-energy and electron-hole interaction, produces a high quality description of electronic and optical properties, giving, for some quantities, the first available estimation for this compound. In particular, we give a quantitative, direct evaluation of the electronic and direct optical gaps, clarifying their role with respect to previous values obtained by various experimental techniques. We obtain a description for both electronic gap and optical spectra that is consistent with experiments, analysing the role of different contributions to the experimental optical gap and relating them to the level of theory used in our calculations. We also show the spatial nature of excitons in the two crystalline phases, highlighting the localization character of different optical transitions. This paper aims at understanding and firmly establishing electro-optical bulk properties, so far not yet clarified, of this material of fundamental and technological interest for green energy applications.

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