Self-Inductance of Chiral Conducting Nanotubes

Physical Review B 60, 13885 - 13889 (1999)

Self-Inductance of Chiral Conducting Nanotubes

Y. Miyamoto, A. Rubio, M.L. Cohen, S.G. Louie

Chiral conductivity in nanotubes has recently been predicted theoretically. The realization and application of chiral conducting nanotubes can be of great interest from both fundamental and technological viewpoints. These chiral currents, if they are realized, can be detected by measuring the self-inductance. We have treated Maxwell’s equations for chiral conducting nanotubes (nanocoils) and find that the self-inductance and the resistivity of nanocoils should depend on the frequency of the alternating current even when the capacitance of the nanocoils is not taken into account. This is in contrast to elementary treatment of ordinary coils. This fact is useful to distinguish nanocoils by electrical measurements.

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