Solid-state reactions in binary molecular assemblies of F<sub>16</sub>CuPc and pentacene

ACS Nano 5, 581 - 589 (2011)

Solid-state reactions in binary molecular assemblies of F16CuPc and pentacene

Yutaka Wakayama, Dimas G. de Oteyza, Juan Maria García-Lastra, Duncan J. Mowbray

Various phases of binary molecular assemblies of perfluorinated Cu-phthalocyanine (F16CuPc) and pentacene were examined using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Alloying, solid solutions, phase separation, and segregation were observed in assemblies on monolayers according to the mixture ratios. The main driving force behind such molecular blending is CH-F hydrogen bonds. Lattice matching and molecular symmetry are other factors that determine the assembly configuration. A detailed understanding of such solid-state reactions provides a guideline to the construction of multi-layered binary assemblies, where intermixing between molecules takes place when multiple layers are stacked.

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