Synthesis of B<sub>x</sub>C<sub>y</sub>N<sub>z</sub> Nanotubules

Physical Review B 51, 11229 - 11232 (1995)

Synthesis of BxCyNz Nanotubules

Z. Weng-Sieh, K. Cherrey, N.G. Chopra, X. Blase, Y. Miyamoto, A. Rubio, M.L. Cohen, R. Gronsky, S.G. Louie, A. Zettl

We report the successful synthesis of BxCyNz nanotubes. Arc-discharge methods were used to produce stable nanotubule structures identified by high-resolution transmission-electron microscopy. Local electron-energy-loss spectroscopy of K-edge absorptions for B, C, and N atoms was used to determine the atomic compositions of individual tubules. Tubes of stoichiometry BC2N and BC3 have been observed, in agreement with theoretical predictions.

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