Prof. Angel Rubio - Publications


These papers are ordered by article relevance.

Optimal Control of Quantum Rings by Terahertz Laser Pulses
E. Räsänen, A. Castro, J. Werschnik, A. Rubio
Physical Review Letters 98, 157404 - 4 (2007)
Vibrational properties of Hexagonal Boron Nitride: Inelastic X-ray Scattering and ab initio Calculations
J. Serrano, A. Bosak, R. Arenal, M. Krisch, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, H. Kanda, A. Rubio, L. Wirtz
Physical Review Letters 98, 95503 - 4 (2007)
Microscopic investigation of laser induced structural changes in single-wall carbon nanotubes
H.O. Jeschke, A.H. Romero, M.E. García, A. Rubio
Physical Review B 75, 125112 - 11 (2007)
Adsorption and electronic excitation of biphenyl on Si(100): a theoretical STM analysis
M. Dubois, C. Delerue, A. Rubio
Physical Review B 75, 41302 - 4 (2007)
Momentum density and spatial form of correlated density matrix in model two-electron atoms with harmonic confinement
A. Akbari, N.H. March, A. Rubio
Physical Review A 76, 32510 - 8 (2007)
Silicate chain formation in the nanostructure of cement-based materials
A. Ayuela, J. S. Dolado, I. Campillo, Y. R. de Miguel, E. Erkizia, D. Sánchez-Portal, A. Rubio, A. Porro, P. M. Echenique
Journal of Chemical Physics 127, 164710 - 8 (2007)
Time-dependent density functional theory scheme for efficient calculations of dynamic (hyper)polarizabilities
X. Andrade, S. Botti, M.A.L. Marques, A. Rubio
Journal of Chemical Physics 126, 184106 - 8 (2007)
Nonequilibrium GW approach to quantum transport in nano-scale contacts
K.S. Thygesen, A. Rubio
Journal of Chemical Physics 126, 91101 (2007)
Advanced Correlation Functionals: Application to Bulk Materials and Localized Systems
P. García-González, J.J. Fernández, A. Marini, A. Rubio
Journal Of Physical Chemistry A 49, 12458 - 12465 (2007)
Low energy quasiparticle dispersion of graphite by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
A. Grüneis, T. Pichler, H. Shiozawa, C. Attaccalite, L. Wirtz, S.L. Molodtsov, R. Follath, R. Weber, A. Rubio
Physica Status Solidi B 244, 4129 - 4133 (2007)
Absorption of BN nanotubes under the influence of a perpendicular electric field
C. Attaccalite, L. Wirtz, A. Marini, A. Rubio
Physica Status Solidi B 244, 4288 - 4292 (2007)
Coherent quantum switch driven by optimized laser pulses
E. Räsänen, A. Castro, J. Werschnik, A. Rubio
Physica E 40, 1593 - 1595 (2007)
Exact correlated kinetic energy related to the electron density for two-electron model atoms with harmonic confinement
N.H. March, A. Akbari, A. Rubio
Physics Letters A 370, 509 - 511 (2007)
Time dependent transport phenomena
G. Stefanucci, S. Kurth, E.K.U. Gross, A. Rubio
Molecular and Nano Electronics: Analysis, Design and Simulation, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Ed. Jorge M. Seminario, Elsevier Vol. 17, p. 247 - 284 (2007)