Prof. Angel Rubio - Publications


These papers are ordered by article relevance. This list contains only the publications related to the Nano-bio Spectroscopy Group and might not be the complete list of the author.

Common microscopic origin of the phase transitions in Ta 2 NiS 5 and the excitonic insulator candidate Ta 2 NiSe 5
Lukas Windgätter, Malte Rösner, Giacomo Mazza, Hannes Hübener, Antoine Georges, Andrew J. Millis, Simone Latini, Angel Rubio
(submitted), (2021)
Correlation-driven sub-3 fs charge migration in ionised adenine
Erik P. Mansson, Simone Latini, Fabio Covito, Vincent Wanie, Mara Galli, Enrico Perfetto, Gianluca Stefanucci, Hannes Huebener, Umberto De Giovannini, Mattea C. Castrovilli, Andrea Trabattoni, Fabio Frassetto, Luca Poletto, Jason B. Greenwood, Francois Legare, Mauro Nisoli, Angel Rubio, Francesca Calegari
(submitted), (2021)
Detecting multiple chirality centers in chiral molecules with high harmonic generation
Ofer Neufeld, Omri Wengrowicz, Or Peleg, Angel Rubio, Oren Cohen
(submitted), (2021)
Effect of spin-orbit coupling on the high harmonics from the topological Dirac semimetal Na3Bi
Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean, Florian G. Eich, Angel Rubio
(submitted), (2021)
Floquet Engineering of Magnetism in Topological Insulator Thin Films
Xiaoyu Liu,Peizhe Tang,Hannes Hubener,Umberto De Giovannini,Wenhui Duan, Angel Rubio
(submitted), (2021)
Magnon frequency renormalization by the electronic geometrical spin
Emil Viñas Boström, Florian G. Eich, Angel Rubio
(submitted), (2021)
Shining Light on the Microscopic Resonant Mechanism Responsible for Cavity-Mediated Chemical Reactivity
Christian Schäfer, Johannes Flick, Enrico Ronca, Prineha Narang, Angel Rubio
(submitted), (2021)
Soft-x-ray spectroscopy of monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides: valley selectivity?
Andrey Geondzhian, Angel Rubio, Massimo Altarelli
(submitted), (2021)
TMDs as a platform for spin liquid physics: A strong coupling study of twisted bilayer WSe 2
Dominik Kiese, Yuchi He, Ciarán Hickey, Angel Rubio, Dante M. Kennes
(submitted), (2021)
Down-conversion processes in ab initio nonrelativistic quantum electrodynamics
Davis M. Welakuh, Michael Ruggenthaler, Mary-Leena M. Tchenkoue, Heiko Appel,, Angel Rubio
Phys. Rev. Research 3, 033067 (2021)
High harmonics and isolated attosecond pulses from MgO
Zahra Nourbakhsh, Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean, Hamed Merdji,, Angel Rubio
Phys. Rev. Applied 15 , 014013 (2021)
Excited-state band structure mapping
M. Puppin,C. W. Nicholson,C. Monney,Y. Deng,R. P. Xian,J. Feldl,S. Dong,A. Dominguez,H. Húbener,A. Rubio,M. Wolf,L. Rettig, R. Ernstorfer
Physical Review X(submitted), (2021)
Polaritonic Hofstadter Butterfly and Cavity-Control of the Quantized Hall Conductance
Vasil Rokaj, Markus Penz, Michael A. Sentef, Michael Ruggenthaler, Angel Rubio
Physical Review X (submitted), (2021)
Strong chiral dichroism in above threshold ionization and ionization rates from locally-chiral light
Ofer Neufeld, Hannes Hübener, Angel Rubio, Umberto De Giovannini
Physical Review Research 3, L032006 (2021)
Quantitative sampling of atomic-scale electromagnetic waveforms
D. Peller,C. Roelcke,L. Z. Kastner,T. Buchner,A. Neef,J. Hayes,F. Bonafé, D. Sidler,M. Ruggenthaler, A. Rubio, R. Huber, J. Repp
Nature Photonics 15, 143 - 147 (2021)