Prof. Angel Rubio - Publications


These papers are ordered by article relevance. This list contains only the publications related to the Nano-bio Spectroscopy Group and might not be the complete list of the author.

13C NMR investigation of carbon nanotubes and derivatives
C. Goze Bac, P. Bernier, S. Latil, V. Jourdain, A. Rubio, S.H. Jhang, S.W. Lee, Y.W. Park, M. Holzinger, A. Hirsch
Current Applied Physics 1, 149 - 155 (2001)
Pair function at coincidence and ground-state energy for interacting systems of two fermions with isotropic harmonic confinement and antiparallel spins
N.H. March, I.A. Howard, I. Nagy, A. Rubio
Physics Letters A 288, 101 - 104 (2001)
Electronic Conduction in Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes: Role of Intershell Coupling and Inconmensurability
S. Roche, F. Triozon, A. Rubio, D. Mayou
Physics Letters A 285, 94 - 100 (2001)
Phase Separation of Carbon Nanotubes and Turbostratic Graphite Using a Functional Organic Polymer
J.N. Coleman, A.B. Dalton, S. Curran, A. Rubio, A.P. Davey, A. Drury, B. McCarthy, B. Lahr, P.M. Ajayan, S. Roth, R.C. Barklie
Advanced Materials 12, 213 - 216 (2000)
Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites: Strength and Weakness
P.M. Ajayan, L.S. Schadler, C. Giannaris, A. Rubio
Advanced Materials 12, 750 - 753 (2000)
Hole dynamics in noble metals
I. Campillo, A. Rubio, J.M. Pitarke, A. Goldmann, P.M. Echenique
Physical Review Letters 85, 3241 - 3244 (2000)
Electron wave function at a vicinal surface: Switch from terrace to step modulation
J.E. Ortega, S. Speller, A.R. Bachmann, A. Mascaraque, E.G. Michel, A. Närmann, A. Mugarza, A. Rubio, F.J. Himpsel
Physical Review Letters 84, 6110 - 6113 (2000)
Enhancements to the GW Space-Time Method
L. Steibeck, A. Rubio, L. Reining, M. Torrent, I.D. White, R.W. Godby
Computer Physics Communications 125, 105 - 118 (2000)
Role of occupied d states in the relaxation of hot electrons in Au
I. Campillo, J.M. Pitarke, A. Rubio, P.M. Echenique
Physical Review B 62, 1500 - 1503 (2000)
Theoretical study of the relative stability of structural-phases in group-IIIA nitrides at high pressures
J. Serrano, E. Hernández, A.Rubio, A. Muñoz, A. Mujica
Physical Review B 62, 16612 - 16623 (2000)
Electronic structure of polychiral carbon nanotubes
Ph. Lambin, V. Meunier, A. Rubio
Physical Review B 62, 5129 - 5135 (2000)
Real-Space, Real-Time Method for the Dielectric Function
G.F. Bertsch, J.-I. Iwata, A. Rubio, K. Yabana
Physical Review B 62, 7998 - 8002 (2000)
First-principles Calculations of Hot-Electron Lifetimes in Metals
I. Campillo, V.M. Silkin, J.M. Pitarke, E.V. Chulkov, A. Rubio, P.M. Echenique
Physical Review B 61, 13484 - 13492 (2000)
Plasmonic excitations in noble metals: The case of Ag
M.A. Cazalilla, J.S. Dolado, A. Rubio, P.M. Echenique
Physical Review B 61, 8033 - 8042 (2000)
Tight Binding Molecular Dynamics Studies of Boron Assisted Nanotube Growth
E. Hernández, P. Ordejón, I. Boustani, A. Rubio, J.A. Alonso
Journal of Chemical Physics 113, 3814 - 3821 (2000)