Prof. Angel Rubio - Publications


These papers are ordered by article relevance. This list contains only the publications related to the Nano-bio Spectroscopy Group and might not be the complete list of the author.

Phenomenology of Metallic Resistivity Observed in Single-Wall Nanotube Ropes as a Strongly Coupled -Electron C Ion Plasma
N.H. March, J.A. Alonso, A. Rubio
Physica Status Solidi B 203, 179 - 182 (1997)
Evidence of a Low Compressibility Carbon Nitride with Defect-Zincblende Structure
J. Martín-Gil, F.J. Martín-Gil, M. Sarikaya, M. Qian, M.J. Yacamán, A. Rubio
Journal Of Applied Physics 81, 2555 - 2559 (1997)
Theoretical Models for the Optical Properties of Clusters and Nanostructures
A. Rubio, J.A. Alonso, X. Blase, S.G. Louie
International Journal Of Modern Physics B 11, 2727 - 2776 (1997)
First principles calculation of the dipole moments of small mixed Ge/Te semiconductor clusters
L.C. Balbás, A. Rubio
Zeitschrift für Physik D 40, 182 - 185 (1997)
Optical response of Ag clusters
Llorenç Serra, Angel Rubio
Zeitschrift für Physik D 40, 262 - 264 (1997)
Thermal behaviour of carbon clusters and small fullerenes
M.J. López, P.A. Marcos, A. Rubio, J.A. Alonso
Zeitschrift für Physik D 40, 385 - 388 (1997)
Electronic and Doping Properties of Bx Cy Nz Nanotubes
A. Rubio
Nanowires: Proceedings Of The Nato Advanced Research Workshop On Nanowires, NATO Advanced Science Institutes, Ed. P.A. Serena and N. García, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands p. 133 - 142 (1997)
Ab-initio Photoabsorption Spectra and Structures of Small Semiconductor and Metal Clusters
A. Rubio, J.A. Alonso, X. Blase, L.C. Balbás, S.G. Louie
Physical Review Letters 77, 247 - 250 (1996)
Density Functional Theory of the Nonlinear Optical Susceptibility: Application to Cubic Semiconductors
A. Dal Corso, F. Mauri, A. Rubio
Physical Review B 53, 15638 - 15642 (1996)
Theoretical Study of the Binding of Na Clusters Encapsulated in the C240 Fullerene
J.M. Cabrera-Trujillo, J.A. Alonso, M.P. Iñiguez, M.J. López, A. Rubio
Physical Review B 53, 16059 - 16066 (1996)
Theoretical Study of One-dimensional Chains of Metal Atoms in Nanotubes
A. Rubio, Y. Miyamoto, X. Blase, M.L. Cohen, S.G. Louie
Physical Review B 53, 4023 - 4026 (1996)
Transferability of a Local Pseudopotential Based on Solid State Electron Density
F. Nogueira, C. Fiolhais, J. He, J.P. Perdew, A. Rubio
Journal Of Physics-Condensed Matter 8, 287 - 302 (1996)
Ionic Cohesion and Electron-Doping of Thin Carbon Tubules with Alkali Atoms
Y. Miyamoto, A. Rubio, X. Blase, M.L. Cohen, S.G. Louie
Physical Review Letters 74, 2993 - 2996 (1995)
A Mixed-Space Formalism for the Dielectric Response in Periodic Systems
X. Blase, A. Rubio, M.L. Cohen, S.G. Louie
Physical Review B 52, 2225 - 2228 (1995)
Synthesis of BxCyNz Nanotubules
Z. Weng-Sieh, K. Cherrey, N.G. Chopra, X. Blase, Y. Miyamoto, A. Rubio, M.L. Cohen, R. Gronsky, S.G. Louie, A. Zettl
Physical Review B 51, 11229 - 11232 (1995)