Dr. Claudio Attaccalite - Publications


These papers are ordered by article relevance.

Stable Liquid Hydrogen at High Pressure by a Novel Ab Initio Molecular-Dynamics Calculation
C. Attaccalite, S. Sorella
Physical Review Letters 100, 114501 (2008)
Comment on "Huge Excitonic Effects in Layered Hexagonal Boron Nitride"
L. Wirtz, A. Marini, M. Grüning, C. Attaccalite, G. Kresse, A. Rubio
Physical Review Letters 100, 189701 (2008)
Electron-Electron Correlation in Graphite: A Combined Angle-Resolved Photoemission and First-Principles Study
A. Grüneis, C. Attaccalite, T. Pichler, V. Zabolotnyy, H. Shiozawa, S.L. Molodtsov, D. Inosov, A. Koitzsch, M. Knupfer, J. Schiessling, R. Follath, R. Weber, P. Rudolf, L. Wirtz, A. Rubio
Physical Review Letters 100, 37601 - 4 (2008)
Tight--binding description of the quasiparticle dispersion of graphite and few--layer graphene
A. Grüneis, C. Attaccalite, L. Wirtz, H. Shiozawa, R. Saito, T. Pichler, A. Rubio
Physical Review B 78, 205425 - 16 (2008)
Impact of the electron-electron correlation on phonon dispersions: failure of LDA and GGA functionals in graphene and graphite
M. Lazzeri, C. Attaccalite, L. Wirtz, F. Mauri
Physical Review B 78, 81406 (2008)
Preparation and electronic properties of potassium doped graphite single crystals
A. Grüneis, C. Attaccalite, A. Rubio, S.L. Molodtsov, D.V. Vyalikh, J. Fink, R. Follath, T. Pichler
Physica Status Solidi B 245, 2072 (2008)