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Ikerbasque Research Professor

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Foundations of Time Dependent Current-Density Functional Theory.

The theory, being non-local in time, admits the possibility of memory effects, that could drive, as happens in real systems, to the relaxation of the Kohn-Sham towards a stationary state. The current density is usually a important indicator of this relaxation process.

Molecular Transport

Transport through molecular devices has reached a peak of general interest, due to its possible applications. Many different techniques need to be used in this case to arrive at reliable time-dependent functionals that can be used in the TD-CDFT to investigate the dynamics of the devices. Other approaches can at the same time enlarge and refine our physical intuition driving us towards more efficient functionals.

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Latest publications

Thermoelectric efficiency in multi-terminal quantum thermal machines with steady-state density functional theory
Nahual Sobrino, Roberto D'Agosta, Stefan Kurth
Transport coefficients of layered TiS3
Robert Biele, Roberto D'Agosta
6, 014004 (2022)