Dr. Andrea Droghetti

Post-doc Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow

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andrea [dot] droghetti [at] ehu [dot] eus
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Research Overview

My work concerns the field of spintronics and electronic transport studied by combining model and fully first-principles methods.

The main aspects and topics, I am currently interested in, are:

1) Development of computational methods to study spin and charge transport in strongly correlated electronic systems,

2) Molecular electronics,

3) Hybrid organic/ferromagnet interfaces,

4) Molecular magnetism,

5) Spin Hall effect, topological materials and triplet superconductivity (work in collaboration with the Mesoscopic Physics Group in Donostia-San Sebastian http://cfm.ehu.es/mesoscopics/).

I am also Principal Investigator of the EU-funded Young Explorers' Future and Emerging Technologies project ACMOL, which aims at exploiting magnetic molecules and graphene in order to realize a switchable molecular spin-polarizer. Further details on ACMOL and on the international collaboration can be found in the official web-page http://www.acmolproject.eu/.

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Latest publications

Covalent modification of highly ordered pyrolytic graphite with a stable organic free radical using diazonium chemistry
Gonca Seber, Alexander V. Rudnev, Andrea Droghetti, Ivan Rungger, Jaume Veciana, Marta Mas-Torrent, Concepcio Rovira, Nuria Crivillers
Chemistry-A European Journal 23, 1415 (2017)
Quantum transport simulation scheme including strong correlations and its application to organic radicals adsorbed on gold
Andrea Droghetti, Ivan Rungger
Physical Review B 95, 085131 (2017)