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The first part of my postdoctoral project was devoted to the investigation of graphene / hexagonal boron-nitride (h-BN) interface. From ab-initio calculations I identified a novel approach to control the dipole at the graphene / h-BN interface by properly sandwiching or sliding layers of h-BN and graphene, and a way to inject carriers in graphene upon UV excitations of the Frenkel – like exciton of the h-BN layer(s). This work has been carried out in collaboration with Pulickel M. Ajayan's group at the Rice University (Texas).
The aim of the second part of my post-doc is twofold:
(i) the ab-initio simulation and characterization of the electronic properties of surface states at Copper / Nickel and Silver / Copper / Nickel interfaces in collaboration with Enrique Ortega's group in San Sebastian.
(ii) a combined ab-initio study and tight-binding modeling of the electronic properties of h-BN over several metals ( Nickel, Gold and Iridium ).

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Latest publications

Artificially stacked atomic layers: towards new van der Waals solids
Guanhui Gao, Wei Gao, E. Cannuccia, Jaime Taha-Tijerina, Luis Balicas, Akshay Mathkar, T.N. Narayanan, Zhen Liu, Bipin K. Gupta, Juan Peng, Yansheng Yin, Angel Rubio, Pulickel M. Ajayan
Nano Letters 12, 3518 - 3525 (2012)
Zero point motion effect on the electronic properties of diamond, trans-polyacetylene and polyethylene
E. Cannuccia, A. Marini
European Physical Journal B 85, 320 (2012)