Dr. Guillem Albareda Piquer


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guillem [dot] albareda [at] uab [dot] cat
Current position
Departament de Química Física and Institut de Química Teòrica i Computacional, Universitat de Barcelona, 08028 Barcelona, Spain

Research Information

Research Overview

My main research activity is devoted to face the many-body problem using quantum (Bohm) trajectories in open systems. It has been recently demonstrated that these quantum trajectories provide a privileged framework to account for Coulomb and exchange correlations in time-dependent open (far from equilibrium) system scenarios. Within this framework I have been tackling the problem of current fluctuations in mesoscopic systems, I have delved into the formulation of an effective Hamiltonian for open classical and quantum systems driven far from equilibrium, and developed a model to include environmental electrostatic effects on mesoscopic electronic devices. Recently, I am beeing also involved in the formulation of the quantum measurement problem.

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Latest publications

Nonadiabatic \textit{ab initio} Quantum Dynamics without Potential Energy Surfaces
Guillermo Albareda, Aaron Kelly, Angel Rubio
Phys. Rev. Materials 3, 023803 (2019)
Universal steps in quantum dynamics with time-dependent potential-energy surfaces: Beyond the Born-Oppenheimer picture
Guillermo Albareda, Ali Abedi, Ivano Tavernelli, Angel Rubio
Physical Review A 94, 062511 (2016)