Dr. David Jacob

Post-doc Ikerbasque Fellow

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I am a condensed matter theorist fascinated with the effect of strong electronic correlations on the properties of materials in general, and of nanoscale devices in particular. My motivation to study these complex systems is mainly driven by the curiosity to understand fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics and many-body physics. On the other hand, strong correlations often give rise to intriguing phenomena that could be exploited for new materials and functionality of electronic devices. In the last couple of years my research has focused on strong electronic correlation effects in nanoscale devices, mainly atomic- or molecular junctions comprising transition metal atoms. Such devices are sought for as building blocks for prospective spintronics applications or as ultimately miniaturized magnetic information storage devices. A particularly important example of a phenomenon driven by electronic correlations and frequently observed in nanoscale devices is the Kondo effect. The multi-orbital nature of the Kondo physics in these systems and the interplay between local Kondo physics and the molecular degrees of freedom makes these systems particularly interesting from a fundamental point of view. At the same time this complexity poses a great challenge to the theoretical description of these systems. To this end I have developed a novel ab initio approach, the NanoDMFT method, that allows to calculate the electronic, magnetic and transport properties of nanoscale devices, taking explicitly into account strong electonic correlations effects.

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Latest publications

The atomic simulation environment—a Python library for working with atoms
Ask Hjorth Larsen, Jens Jørgen Mortensen, Jakob Blomqvist, Ivano E Castelli, Rune Christensen, Marcin Dułak, Jesper Friis, Michael N Groves, Bjørk Hammer, Cory Hargus, Eric D Hermes, Paul C Jennings, Peter Bjerre Jensen, James Kermode, John R Kitchin, Esben Leonhard Kolsbjerg, Joseph Kubal, Kristen Kaasbjerg, Steen Lysgaard, Jón Bergmann Maronsson, Tristan Maxson, Thomas Olsen, Lars Pastewka, Andrew Peterson, Carsten Rostgaard, Jakob Schiøtz, Ole Schütt, Mikkel Strange, Kristian S Thygesen, Tejs Vegge, Lasse Vilhelmsen, Michael Walter, Zhenhua Zeng, Karsten W Jacobsen
Journal Of Physics-Condensed Matter 29, 273002 (2017)
Non-locally sensing the magnetic states of nanoscale antiferromagnets with an atomic spin sensor
Shichao Yan, Luigi Malavolti, Jacob A. J. Burgess, Andrea Droghetti, Angel Rubio, Sebastian Loth
Science Advances 3, e1603137 (2017)